V1 Dual Binder Project      

Project Location: Waxahachie, TX

IES Location: Greenville, SC

Market Segment: Manufacturing

Project Type: Plan and Spec

IES Commercial, Inc. provided electrical and instrumentation services to upgrade our clients existing Binder & Washwater systems. These systems play an important role in the manufacturing of fiberglass insulation and due to changes implemented by the Environmental Protection Agency required our client to upgrade these systems. Because of the importance of these systems there were two phases associated with this project, pre-outage and outage. The pre-outage phase took place over a seven week duration while the plant was in operation. During this time IES installed control panels, conduit, pull  600V power cables and 300V or less instrumentation cables leaving the final connections to existing control panels, motor control centers and field devices to done during the plant outage. The outage spanned over 14 days and was deemed our biggest challenge due the short duration and congestion from the other contractors.  During the outage, coordination with the mechanical contractor was key so that we were able to make the final raceway connections to equipment and terminate cables. Out of the 14 day duration IES had 8 days to become mechanically complete to allow enough time for start-up activities and commissioning so that the systems were back in operation by the 14th day. All pre-outage and outage work was completed incident free with zero injuries.